The goal of this series is to investigate and disclose to the public the facts on both sides of the conflict, the guerrilla and the army, through the main characters from both the guerrillas and the military. With that, it aims to shed light on this important event in the country’s history, which still needs to be clarified.

The Araguaia War took place unbeknownst to the country, between 1972 and 1974, in southern Pará, where the army mobilized 15,000 men to annihilate 70 guerrillas. The military regime of the time hid this fact from the media and the population, and after four decades, over 40 guerrillas killed by the military are still missing.

The justifications for the existence of such work are many, such as the urgent need to finally show the country what this war was and thus contribute to respecting human rights in Brazil, which has implemented a Truth Commission to clarify the facts that will be reported in this series.

This fact relevant to Brazil is an excellent story of war in the form of investigation, with acts of heroism, unbeatable myths, battles and unequal struggles, capable of raising awareness of the TV audience with a narrative that conveys authenticity.




  • CINEBRASiLTV pay-TV channel (2017)