“Araguaia” denounces and reconstructs the massacre of 69 people who were part of the Araguaia Guerrilla, which took place between 1972 and 1974, in the Amazon Rainforest, in southern Pará. For the first time, military personnel open up about their crimes and describe in detail how they killed dozens of people in cold blood. This conflict was market by the largest mobilization of troops in Brazil, since the Paraguayan War and World War II, in which the military used about 7,000 men to fight and eliminate the guerrillas.

In the place where the events took place, peasants reveal the marks of the cruelest methods of torture. Former guerrillas, who have remained anonymous for over 40 years, speak for the first time about how the fight and the deaths of their comrades took place. Through military reports and secret documents, the Araguaia War is reconstituted in order to shed light on one of the darkest episodes in Brazilian history, which still remains in anonymity.

The documentary recounts the entire period of military-guerrilla conflict, which lasted over two years. Seventy young communist militants from Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Ceará and Bahia, against a well-armed Army, which, however, needed three campaigns to defeat the guerrillas, who were almost weaponless but well-adapted to then jungle. In the first two campaigns, the guerrillas claimed victory, but in the last one, the military literally carried out a hunt, eliminating them one by one and secretly disposing of their bodies. To this day, the fate of the bodies of the 49 people who went missing in the conflict is unknown.



  • VOD CineBrasilJá (2018)