The fictional series is an adaptation of six short stories by the writer Conceição Senna. Each episode is dedicated to one woman, always focusing on the theme of women’s desires arising in an oppressive and moralistic universe of Brazil’s sertão region. A deep dive into the female soul.

Based on six stories, six women with their identities and peculiarities that sometimes appear to be the same, which unfolds, or one that exposes its different possible faces in the same scenario, in which innocence, rebellion, faith and profanity are like walls in a tunnel where the light of freedom shines at its end.

The vicissitudes of the characters make up the various layers of the human scenario in which they are inserted, driven by love, desire and passion, giving the series a romantic line of exposure. The dramas of the sertanejas add up and dialogue with one another to form a conjunctural panel and the specifics of each of them.

These are six segmented and independent dramas related to love and desire, which unify themselves in the central theme of the series: women’s independence. And also in the fact that they take place in the same small country town (conformed cinematographically by landscapes of various cities) and at the same time (mid-twentieth century).

It consists of six episodes, with 52 minutes each.