Cinema in Trance


The series “Cinema in Trance” documents several aspects of the making of a film, focusing on the themes through the characters who build them, in a narrative dynamic when approaching film in production.

In each episode, a different approach to filmmaking takes place at its different stages; the filmmakers’ work on the movie set, the performance of up-and-coming actors and directors in feature films; the language of cinematographers; films from Pernambuco; documentary and independent films; animated films; and the launch at festivals and theaters.

For the first season of the series “Cinema in Trance”, over 30 productions to be produced or released in 2017 were surveyed and selected, during which time the series will be produced.

The goal of this “making-of” approach, is to make the series more dynamic and interesting in order to captivate the public with a TV-oriented approach and an appropriate series-based language.




  • Prime Box Brazil pay-TV channel (2018)
  • A&E pay-TV channel (2020/2021)