It will consists of three seasons, with 10 episodes of 45 minutes each, with a selection of biography subjects who have excelled in different film styles. Each season will present the biographies of veterans along with the latest, new directors with a work to show.

The proposal takes into account the viewer’s interest in the character’s story, revealing details of their work and life that are still unknown and analyzing their life through their filmography. That is, it will follow the pattern of biographies of artistic personalities in a usual TV format, easily understood by the viewer.

The documentary will have a format consisting of reconstructing the character’s life, highlighting the critical moments of their life and work, with a voiceover narration, a testimony by the biography subject, and other characters such as actors, producers, family members, and film critics. The facts will be covered with images of their life and films.

We propose a first season with Fernando Meirelles, Cláudio Assis, Bruno Barreto, Lúcia Murat, Tata Amaral, Beto Brant, Marcelo Gomes, Jorge Furtado, Cacá Diegues, and Rosemberg Cariry.

This is the first time these great film directors are portrayed in biographies.




  • Prime Box Brazil pay-TV channel (2017)
  • Curta! pay-TV channel (2019/2020)
  • Vivo Play VOD (2020)
  • A&E pay-TV channel (2020/2021)