In the Force of Law


A documentary series in 13 episodes, with 26 minutes each. Each episode addresses a different law, its history, its ramifications, and the obstacles to its full application.

Characters and cases that took place in Brazil’s North region, which are little addressed by the media, but which represent a relevant material for the proposed discussion, will be addressed, given that the Brazilian people are the main characters. Far from major centers, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which are regions where social programs are very effective, but rather in places where laws take time to reach. Including the Central and Northeast regions, the most often encountered obstacles are geographic isolation, enforcement difficulties, and conservatism.

This series aims to make a diagnosis of the Brazilian legal situation. All the cases chosen, related by the theme protecting those who are vulnerable, present their strengths and their weaknesses. An efficient, unanimous point, and an omission, a paradox, a conflict of political stakeholders. A past, a present and a future in progress.




  • CINEBRASiLTV pay-TV channel (2021)