The Noratin Legend


Through the journey of four characters, the Kalungas quilombo residents, with different ages and from different regions, the documentary “The Noratin Legend – Myths and Beliefs of the Blacks of the Sertão” aims to reveal an important intangible heritage of African culture, related to the myths and beliefs that formed the soul of black people in a deep sertão region. It also covers the changes that this culture has undergone over the past few decades, placing it at risk of disappearance.

It is an original approach to the history of myths and life history of the Kalunga people, the country’s largest remaining quilombola (runway slave community) territory, a community that has been isolated for over 200 years in the mountains. of northeastern of Goiás, scattered across the municipalities of Monte Alegre, Cavalcante, and Teresina de Goiás Until a few years ago, they were unaware of the electricity, TV, and football. They didn’t even have identity documents, because they had no access to civilization. They have lived for many generations maintaining their own culture in one of the most isolated places in the country. They were, however, “discovered” and, within a few years, a generation of young people and adults have shifted from the dark ages into the technological world of the twenty-first century. In this transformation, how do they face the myths and a culture of centuries of isolation?