The Amazon. Strategic importance. An environmental issue. Native reservations. Presence of multinational economic groups. Proposals for international occupation of the region: since Herman Khan in 1960 (turning the forest into a lake), the theories of “relative sovereignty” (Mitterand), “universal ownership” (Al Gore), “global asset” (Pascal Lamy, WTO), “privatization” (David Miliband, United Kingdom), and “direct military intervention” (John Major, United Kingdom). The answer of the 8 Amazonian countries. The universal issue of water, the possibility of a World Water War.

Of the 75% of surface water on the planet, only 3% corresponds to fresh, drinking water, and only 1% corresponds to the amount accessible for humanity, which is found in rivers, lakes, surface water blades, and the atmosphere. In addition to concentrating 20% ??of the world’s drinking water, the Amazon Rainforest is the region most likely to keep its springs for decades to come, thanks to moisture from its forest. Which explains the constant desire regarding it.

The documentary reveals the first attempts to occupy the region in the nineteenth century, when the U.S. government considered a proposal for the creation of the Sovereign State of Amazonia, an intervention against the territorial sovereignty of the Amazonian countries, as well as the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands, owners of the Guianas. The idea was abandoned, but years later, during the Civil War, President Lincoln wished to create a Free State in the region to house the freed slaves of the United States, but Dom Pedro Segundo did not accept it.




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  • 51th International Film Festival of Viña del Mar (Viña del Mar, Chile, 2018)
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  • International Documentary Festival of Santiago Álvarez in Memoriam (Santiago de Cuba, 2019)
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